This Wicked Realm

by The Reverend of Despair

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Thus spake the Reverend from his lofty tower:

​​"As long as people will continue to mindlessly follow The Reverend, he will continue to manipulate their minds in the name of freedom!"

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released February 4, 2014



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The Reverend of Despair

The Reverend Movement. A musical and mystical crusade fueled by the belief that despair is the precursor to greatness!

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Track Name: Drawing Down the Moon (The Art of the Cunning)
Track Name: The Medicinal Applications of Despair
I wanna die, wanna go right to hell now
The chains are in my brain there's no hope for escape now
I've lost my soul, I am blind, I am drowning
The pain is all that's real, it's the only thing I can feel

I don't care, don't understand, how life has brought me here
This pain's not who I am dissolving into fear
Shout down all the people, so we can show them he's real
Bow down to the lord, he rules you all with his despair

Alternate second verse:

I don't care, don't understand, why life has brought me here
This pain's not who I am dissolving into fear
Gun down all the people, so we can show them he's real
Bow down to the lord, he'll rule you all with his despair
Track Name: This Wicked Realm
Aya! Bring the dawn!

Try to live with the truth that you know, it is all that must be
Can you cope with the knowledge that you're the only one to see?
My silence buries you for all eternity
Why can't you realize the truth must set you free?

Aya! Shall arise!

You're mine now, yeah!

This wicked realm!
This wicked!
Track Name: The Paths of Mist
Wandering on the paths of mist
I reflect upon my wasted life
Pondering the mistakes that I made
Jealous of what could have been

Each step is closer to my destiny
The path that is written for us
I cannot control the future
For man is nothing
Track Name: In Vain...
RT Correspondant:

Mike Gravel is the senator who exposed widespread atrocities by the US in (the) Vietnam War. Senator, has the US committed crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and why is no US politician today exposing that?

Senator Mike Gravel:

I am extremely concerned, I am extremely horrified, and I am extremely embarrassed.

I think my country is an imperial country.

We spend more on defense than all of the rest of the world put together, and we're broke.

One-third of our children don't even graduate from high-school.

All these American soldiers have died in vain, died in vain. And this is a comment that I got from a general. He said, “Mike, they died in vain.”

Reverend of Despair singing:

I am dead to you
Got buried in the tomb
Of your emotion baby
Can't let the feeling be

Why did it have to happen?
I lost myself to you
Can't go on like this anymore! Oooo

Senator Mike Gravel:

They died in vain, in vain.

Reverend of Despair singing:

There is no hope for us to leave this fucking trap
They sold us out to have the wealth of our nation
You buy into their bullshit plans, you won't have a chance
Think for yourself, and you'll be free, motherfucker yeah!

Senator Mike Gravel:

As a result of 9/11, we have altered our moral compass.

We Americans used to think, oh, what happened in Germany could never happen with us. Well, it's happening with us.

A government official, whether it's military or not, puts your name on a list, because he thinks you're a traitor or you're a terrorist. Puts your name on a list, then we dispatch a drone to follow you and then we eventually take it upon ourselves to kill you, without any trial, without any evidence, and then kill about ten other civilians that happen to be standing next to you.

It's difficult for people to understand that when you drop bombs from the air on people, you don't see 'em die. You don't see 'em die. They're down there. You don't see 'em. You don't see 'em die.

Here, our actions, our actions are causing people to die. Causing people to die. Our actions are causing people to die.

Reverend of Despair singing:

(Reverend falsetto)

(Reverend robot bombing vocals)

Take it to the streets now. Go get your fuckin' piece now. Get ready, to take back your rights. Wooo! Take it to the streets now. Get out your fuckin' piece now. Get ready to take back, you're God-given rights, come on!

Clean their clock.
Yeah yeah
You know their motherfucking clock!

Ga ga, kik kik, bow wow wow!
Da da, kik kik, now wow wow!