Subversive Activities

by The Reverend of Despair

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Enjoy an eclectic mix if some of The Reverend's most exciting musical adventures!

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released September 23, 2012



all rights reserved


The Reverend of Despair

The Reverend Movement. A musical and mystical crusade fueled by the belief that despair is the precursor to greatness!

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Track Name: What for?

Why did they send you here?
To fight these so called enemies
I will suffer drenched in blood
Is this worth the glory for me?

There is no point to war
Dodging bullets annihilate
We're told they must be destroyed
I still don't know what for
Track Name: As the Aged Wanderer Doth Sulk (Slave of the Seas)
A storm approaches, the clouds are darkened, black castles reign the sky
The hour is nearing, all we were fearing, don't be afraid to die, to die
Nothing familiar, is here for comfort, night and shade collide, night and shade collide
Cold thorns are bleeding, me from the inside, how did I loose my life?

Where have we gone now, so far away from, all that I ever tried?
To hold together, our bond forever


And I beg the heavens for solace. I cry and weep and pray, heal me


What have I done to deserve this fate?

What would you risk for freedom?
Track Name: The Wrath of God {Nihilism Remix}
I see, into infinity
Cosmic Wave, distorting all the infamy
We cannot live, with our past
Transgress the sacred, no hope will last

You are alone, so far from home
Nothing will take you anywhere
Forget your dreams, although it may seem,
You've always been unstoppable, unstoppable

Iraq war sound sample:
Shit, where the fuck was that one!?

Reverend of Despair singing:
Satan lives, Satan, he is my master forever

This world, it is the real hell
There never was salvation, as all the good men fell
War will swallow us all, leading to our demise
As our terror grows, morals we sacrifice
We sacrifice, we sacrifice!

I will destroy you, end your living for all time
Slowly drain the feeling away
Crush the lives of all that you love

Desolation vast, surrounding ocean blue,
Coats the sea in terror
No freedom from, the industries of man
We create as we destroy, as we destroy

Hail to the end of all time, hail to the end of all!