Spirit Writing

by The Reverend of Despair

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This is The Reverend's first solo effort. It is best enjoyed when listened to all the way through, in seclusion and total darkness, during the dark phase of the moon and under the influence of dangerous doses of Deliriant Drugs whilst in a state of deep depression, sleep deprivation, hunger and paranoia.

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released October 13, 2011



all rights reserved


The Reverend of Despair

The Reverend Movement. A musical and mystical crusade fueled by the belief that despair is the precursor to greatness!

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Track Name: Part I
Part I: Lee Harvey Oswald, Freedom Fighter
Track Name: How Enlightened Are You?

Yo, I'm more enlightened than you motherfucker!

(Evil laughter)


You fools think you can reach the divine enlightenment on your own!?
Surely you must understand that only through me can these gifts be granted to you!

Ya! Come on now! Ahhhowww!
Track Name: The Grieg and Euphorization Revealed
I hate to see you, looking so bad
The Guilt upon us now, the worst we ever had
All men and creatures, must die in vain today
You've brought upon your soul, a life of pain
Track Name: A Plastic Paradise
All these years of these fears are falling away
I can't say that one day if that I'll be dismayed
I'll follow you, I'll see it through
By the pain of our nation's youth

Don't hide, don't cry, don't compromise
'cause you know that we'll find you anyway
We'll liberate, profits made, it's far too late
For canceling the game

We'll think of reasons it's alright
Question their faith and patriotism
Scaremongering public into fear
Pay taxes or the end is near, end is near!

Educate, asphyxiate your brain
Filled with trash, stripped of all good you won't last
Sticking you in a cube, watch the tube
Now you're never in the mood

To fight for the plight of our rights
It's okay, for today the Newocrats just may,
Help the cause, stop the blood, end the plight,
Of this world all alight

All of you get what you deserve
For complaining doing nothing
This ain’t the first time that this happened
It's like Rome or Hitler without weed, without weed!

Freedom of speech means shouting fire, in a crowded theater
Screw all those damn satanic kids, with their, dirty rock and roll

Yeah! Alright!

Stand up and fight today, before your rights are taken away!

Uhh! Yeah! Raa!

Let's end this empire's reign and buy some freedom in pain!

Ahhowowo! Kaka kapata! Kakakaka! Ahh!
Track Name: Part II
Part II: The Incantations of Jack Ruby
Track Name: Black Bile

Life alone an endless circle, going on and on
What do I have, to be looking forward to?
Nothing's good without a struggle, anymore,
Why can't I force myself, to do the things I need to do?

No one cares for any other, in honesty
Who do we think we are, promising so much won't matter
Your ideology will drown me, in my own fear
Can't you reason with me? Save me now the end is near, save me
Track Name: derShamanDrone
Track Name: The Curse of the Gothic Rainberries at Death's Door
The curse of the gothic rainberries at death's door!

Passageway, into the hidden the land (into the hidden land)
A secret monument, to mystic shadow chant (to mystic shadow chant)
We cannot understand, the mark of misery (the mark of misery)
An omen from the sky, warning now all faith shall die

I didn't want to, give up, my faith in this world

You made me do this, this isn't me
I feel dissociated, I’ve lost my personality
There is no time for comfort, no one will pardon all my sins
This is an ugly universe
No place, for a man like me

I can't stay here
Say your goodbyes
It is the end for me

If you must do it, just do it now


Worship the coming end of time
Picture apocalyptic ways
Let go of all you have confined
All will be lost in final haze

Save me now
It is the end we fear
An entire world crippled
Our final days are here
Track Name: The Groove Gestapo
Groove Gestapo house raid:

This is the Groove Gestapo! Open up the door! Are you grooving in there!?