At the Edge of the World

by The Reverend of Despair

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We, His Excellency The Lord Reverend Wizard of Alchemical Despair Himself! By the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of All Underground Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll Music and the Most Feared D.J. on All Radio, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera Hereby Pronounce "At the Edge of the World" to be the Greatest Recording Ever Created For All Time With No Exception and Deem It Mandatory to Listen to This Record, For All Able Bodied Souls Within the Confines of The Reverend's Magnificently Glorious and Eternal Empire.

Pictured is a Knight Who Bravely Served the Reverend in Battle and has Been Rewarded for His Efforts With Much Honor and Glory.

This recording was produced during the summer of 2012 when The Reverend was at the height of his powers, and just beginning to explore the more treacherous aspects the master game.

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"This earth-shattering record's effect on the musical and political world should not be underestimated. It may be the answer to centuries of apocalyptic prophesy and propaganda. No child is safe from this record!"

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released September 23, 2012



all rights reserved


The Reverend of Despair

The Reverend Movement. A musical and mystical crusade fueled by the belief that despair is the precursor to greatness!

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Track Name: Al Qaeda and Jesus
The president's a killer, wants to bleed you till you're dead
You voted for the fucking war, but send kids in your stead
The coward is so blinded, he can't recognize your bribes
They bought the fucking system, now they're telling you you'll thrive
There is no way in hell that they can save us with their lies
Show the fucking sheeple they are causing our demise

Al Qaeda and Jesus!

There is no simple way to function in this freaking life
The work and pain and suffering shall carve you like a knife
Experience will shape your mind and body to be new
Perspectives you must live by be the ethics you will choose
Do you know the kind of souls that you will all become?
The kindest now among us may obliterate the sun
And worship darkest demons by the citadel of hate
Encountering angelic souls that now must seal their fate


I'll tell you what to do, I know the way to save your life
Take a fucking magnum gun to shoot your boss and wife
Your chakras and your astral body surely will be cleansed
There is no time to wait 'cause you can never strike again
All the people, all your life, have always made you slave
Pay them back with countless sorrows empathy won't name
In anger and in fear all of the dark ones shall rejoice
Before all of us go to hell, we'll let them hear our voice

Al Qaeda and Jesus!

Al Qaeda and Jesus! Al Qaeda and Jesus Christ!
Track Name: With My Eyes
I have seen things with my own eyes,
The perpetrators of which deserve to die
Your worst enemy will seem so kind,
But say and do anything, now that they,
They've sold their minds

The leader of this dying land, you were all his fans
Camped after lies, he stung your eyes, but still you,
Still you cheered his plans
One winter day he had his way to lock you,
Lock you all in chains
How many horrors must there be,
For all you punks to see?

There is still hope, that we will find ourselves a way
And leave their fear, and tyranny, exposed
Track Name: Aries Girl
Hey darlin' where'd you leave, and why so far away (why so far away)
And don't you realize that I'm beggin' for you here to stay?
I know you'll find what you seek, don't even have to go (don't even have to go)
There's no need to take a single step, I'll show you by another road

That afternoon like fog, and almost time to grieve
One last farewell, hide the tears, and I could barely breathe (I could barely breathe)
So thanks for all those memories, the beauty's fadin' fast (beauty fading fast)
And if you could feel my pain, you'd see that I won't last
Track Name: Jonesian
What is?

Times are lookin' tough, you gotta stop, take a long had look upon yourself
'cause you've been had by the powers that be, and think that only God will set you free
So stop reading Alex Jones all night, and take a look outside your window at the ground
And realize that your demise ignores that chances their that will be found, yuh!

Now all the rockers and the fans of rap, we can unite around a purpose, common goals
We must incinerate those wicked ones, who plan a world that is boring with no soul
They feed those lies to us, that compromise is a productive way to live
Why can't they understand that we've already given them all we've to give?

How could it be our identities would be considered as a threat to common good?
How insecure of your personal life must you be to make the theory they would?
I cannot understand this plea, to rid the world of all of its variety
Stop thinking that we live our lives, comparing every little choice to others' voice

Now dance

Female voice:

Ohhh yeah!
Track Name: Doom Sex (Mind Control Extradimensional Ecstasy)
Terrified Female Voice:

What did you put in my drink? Ahhh!
Track Name: DroneTheist [Coda entitled Desire and Pain]